The valve electric devices and electric valves, due to their unique design, high quality parts, comprehensive and strict inspection, are outstanding in the domestic and foreign market and leading the market trend.


※ Long service life, reliability:

The various parts of the valve electric devices have been tested thoroughly. Their durability and service life are 3 - 5 times of similar products. The stable and durable performance can let you feel totally relaxed.


H class products developed recently by our company are the masterworks. The reliability and durability are increased further by more than 3 times. They are the best choice of persons with vision! See the picture below.


※ Safety: 

CE and CSA international safety certification, the concept and product of pioneer safety type electric devices. Please download our brochure of samples for further details.


※ Intelligence: 

Intelligent valve electric devices adopt advanced intelligent digital technology, which not only improves greatly the accuracy of valve electric device (resolution up to 1/1000), but also realizes intelligent and all-in-one performance, has epoch-making significance in instrument and valve industry.


※ Lightweight: 

Compact design and mature parts make the weight and size of our valve electric devices be only 20-50% of similar products. The